Institute of Graduate Studies

Environmental and Energy Systems Engineering

  1. About the Program

Academic studies on both environment and energy are required for sustainable development in our country. Thus, wastes can be converted to resources by reducing environmental pollution. In addition, in order to use renewable energy resources in the most effective way, it is essential to develop environment friendly and effective technologies in the use of renewable energy resources. The reasons for the program as follow;

  • The need for academic studies due to the increasing environmental pollution problems in our country and its intensive dependence on foreign energy sector
  • The need for university-industry-public cooperation by considering that concrete contributions can be made to solve the problems through academic studies
  • The need to develop technologies to prevent environmental pollution,
  • The need to develop innovative and effective technologies in water and wastewater treatment,
  • The need to develop technologies for the treatment and reuse of wastewater,
  • The need to develop energy efficient technologies for the treatment of solid, liquid and gas wastes,
  • Need for determination of wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass energy resources of our country,
  • The need to develop managerial strategies for the environment and energy
  • The need to develop technologies for the efficient use of wind, solar, hydro, geothermal and biomass energy resources,
  • The need of efforts to convert waste into energy.

  1. Acceptance Terms

Admission of students to the program will be made in accordance with the conditions specified in Istanbul Medeniyet University Graduate Education Regulations.

  1. Program Competencies

Our program is an interdisciplinary program and candidates who have graduated from Bioengineering, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering and Chemistry Departments can apply to our program. ALES and foreign language scores are required in accordance with the regulations of our Institute.

In order to graduate from the department, 8 courses and 1 seminar lecture must be taken and then an original thesis must be prepared and defended successfully in front of the jury in accordance with the current regulations of the Institute.

4)    List of Lecturers

Lecturer Name-Surname

Academic Title

Institution and Department



Bioengineering Department



Bioengineering Department


Prof Dr.

Electric and Electronic Engineering Department


Assistant Prof

Mechanical Engineering Department


Research Assistant, Ph.D.

Bioengineering Department


Research Assistant, Ph.D.

Bioengineering Department

  1. Curriculum

Students will be able to choose the elective courses given below each semester. They are expected to take at least eight courses for a total of two semesters.

Course Code


Compulsory / Optional

CES 501

Introduction to Energy Systems


CES 502

Renewable Energy Technologies


CES 503

Basic Concepts of Environmental Engineering


CES 504

Hydroelectric Energy Systems


CES 505

Energy Resource Management


CES 506

Computational Fluid Dynamics for Energy Systems


CES 507

Wind, Solar and Geothermal Energy Systems


CES 508

Scientific Research Methods


CES 509



CES 510

Environmental Biotechnology


CES 511

Microalgae Biotechnology and Energy Generation


CES 512

Water Resource and Watershed Management


CES 513

Anaerobic Biomass Energy


CES 514

Membrane Bioreactors in Waste Water Treatment


CES 515

Climate Change and Sustainable Energy


CES 516

Energy Storage and Distribution


CES 517

Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Management


CES 518

Recycling of Waste Water


CES 519

Metabolic Engineering


  1. Graduation Requirement

Graduates will be graduated in accordance with the Regulation on Graduate Education at Istanbul Medeniyet University. A total of eight courses and a seminar (120 ECTS-credits) must be completed successfully. In addition, an original thesis must be prepared and defended in front of the jury.

  1. Employment Opportunities

Depending on the degree programs that students have graduated, they can work in different positions in institutions related to the solution of problems within the broad field of basic science, engineering, biotechnology and energy.

Graduates can find jobs in the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Energy Market Regulatory Authority, General Directorate of Petroleum Affairs, Institute of Mineral Research and Exploration, Bor Institute, Electrical Power Resources Survey and Development Administration, Electricity Generation Inc., Turkey Electricity Transmission Inc., Turkey Electricity Distribution Inc., Directorate general for state hydraulic works , Turkey Coal Enterprises, Turkey Petroleum Search Partnership, Turkey Pipeline Inc., Turkish Petroleum Refineries Inc., Turkey Atomic Energy Research Institute, TEMSAN, United Nation Hydrogen Institute, Coal Enterprises, Turkish State Railways, Ministry of Education.

Morever, graduates can work in the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Transportation, Provincial and District Municipalities, State Water Affairs, Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization, Provincial Forest and Water Affairs, Turkey Statistical Institute, TUBITAK, the Energy Market Regulatory Authority, and related public institutions such as universities and Industry Regional Offices, medium and large scale industrial facilities and factories in the private sector.

  1. Contact

Prof. Erkan Şahinkaya


Phone: 0216 280 32 05