Institute of Graduate Studies

Psychiatric Nursing

The Doctorate Program in Psychiatric Nursing started education in 2017- 2018. The duration of the program is 4 years including 2 years of coursework and 2 years of thesis. The language of the program is Turkish.

It is a theoretical and practical program which aims to educate individuals who are competent in the field of psychiatric nursing who have mastered the national and international literature in the field of psychiatric nursing, can apply the literature knowledge to the needs of the country, to education and research, productive, creative and have reached the qualifications of a scientist.

Aim of the Program

The aim of the program is to enable the students to conduct independent research, to bring innovation to science by examining the issues related to the field with a wide and deep perspective and to transfer their knowledge to the clinical field.


To improve the mental health of society, families and individuals through research and practice of psychiatric nurses who are thought with reliable, high-level education and who believe in the independent power of science.


To educate qualified, humanistic psychiatric nurses who give importance to human rights and ethical values, think critically, have effective communication, problem solving and research skills and offer the services and technology they produce for the benefit of the society.

Program Outcomes

- To be able to make original researches and applications that will produce solutions in the field of psychiatric nursing.

- To protect and promote the mental health of the society in which they live in connection with the belief and culture of the society

- To follow current national and international approaches and participate in organizations and programs

- To be sensitive to crisis situations such as natural disasters, migrations and wars and to participate in crisis management and work

-To plan and carry out researches in the field of mental health and diseases and to contribute to the profession scientifically.

-To contribute to the field with a new, contemporary, scientific point of view

-To be able to use necessary communication skills in order to provide effective care to individuals with mental illness, to be a pioneer in providing quality care through psychotherapeutic interventions when necessary.

- To contribute to integration of rapid changes and developments in health care system to nursing

Program Coordinator : Prof. Dr. Ayşe OKANLI