Institute of Graduate Studies

Human Development and Education

Education, which is the natural necessity of human development, has vital importance for everyone in every part of life and for all professionals. In addition, it is hard to claim that the educational approaches used to fulfill the educational needs in every facet of life are scientific. This graduate program is designed to meet the need of people, institutions, and occupations for theoretical as well as practical knowledge, skills, and values in the field of education through scientific and rigorous study. In this regard, the target population of the program is educators and those who need to learn the process of education and human development.

The master’s of Human Development and Education program is for those who would like to analyze human development from psychological, sociological, biological and educational perspectives and study the relationship between human development and educational environment. All undergraduates who are interested in human development and education, and who would live to improve themselves in the field would have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and experience about learning and teaching. The graduates of the program will be able to contribute to the development of their institutions where teaching and learning take place as experts who have gained the competence in the field of human development and education. In addition, this program aims to train researchers and experts who would study human development and education in the lights of psychological, sociological and neuroscientific disciplines.

The Educational Outcomes of the Program

At the end of the program the student will

  1. Grasp the relationship between the foundational concepts of education and human development.
  1. Explain the neurological development of human cognition.
  1. Explain the psychological foundations of human development.
  1. Analyze human development from social and cultural perspectives.
  1. Approach human education and learning developmentally.
  1. Design education that would enable learning optimally.
  1. Apply educational practices that would enable learning optimally.
  1. Do research in the field of human development.