Institute of Graduate Studies

Course Counting Process


The "Course Count" item of Istanbul Medeniyet University Graduate Education Institute Education and Training Regulation (11 June 2019) has been taken down below.

Pursuant to the relevant article, All Course Saying requests regarding the curriculum of the program; Until 05 February 2020, it must be done through the Online Course Counting link.

Course Counting Results As it will be submitted to OBS on February 13, 2020, the relevant parties must check the adaptation results from their own page.

Documents to be Uploaded to the System in Course Counting Online Application:

1-Signed and Screened Petition (The student who clearly indicates the student's own status (Transfer, Private Student etc.) and which courses are required to be written)


3-Course Content (Only the content of the courses to be adapted must be sufficient and loaded)

ARTICLE 21 - (1) Students who are enrolled in graduate education are exempted from one or more courses as a result of tutoring or exemption exam for the courses they have taken and passed from the previous graduate program, and thereby reducing the duration Upon the application of the student, the evaluation of the related EABD / EASD is determined by the decision of the EYK and adapted, provided that the requests regarding the conditions are made until the end of the period in which they first register for the program. However, such requests to be made by students in the following semesters or years are not accepted.