Institute of Graduate Studies

2019-2020 Spring Term Graduate Education Transfer Applications


Horizontal transition

a) Application Requirements;

Being enrolled in a graduate program in another higher education institution,

To have completed at least one semester,

Not having failed course (including the reason for absenteeism)

Not to have been disciplined (domestic),

b) Document to be Uploaded to the System in Online Transfer Application:

Diploma or graduation certificate

Student Certificate and Transcript

ALES document (T. C. citizens and a lower foreign students who completed his education in Turkey)

Foreign language document (if there is a foreign language requirement in the applied program)

Turkish proficiency certificate for foreign students (at least C1 level)

Document indicating that he was not disciplined

Course contents

Passport or Education valid passport entry visa sample (For foreign students)

Transfer Process Schedule

Receiving Applications 22-29 January 2020

 Announcement of Transfer Results 03 February 2020

Master Records 05-06 February 2020

Reserve Records February 07, 2020

Making Course Adjustments 03-07 February 2020

Note: In order to transfer horizontally, the program qualifications in our university must be met. Click for qualifications.

Transfer applications will be made online and applications will be received within the quota. (No applications will be received in person or by mail.)

Click for online application.